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    Science Consultants

    5325 E. Sixth Street, Tucson, 85711 Other
    Phone: 520.404.8116
    We have an overseas client who is paying top dollar (full year salary equivalent) for senior engineers who are willing to work at their sites for up to 20 to 25 weeks per year. The positions (listed below) all focus on materials science and manufacturing relating to silicone, poly-silicone, paint, glass and construction materials.

    Our scientists and engineers will work as consultants mentoring the client’s leadership and operational teams. The client is located in and around Seoul, S. Korea. The company covers all necessary business expenses, travel, housing, transportation, etc. The client is very generous with compensation and benefits.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you are interested in any of the roles listed below. Otherwise, please pass this email and my contact information on to anyone whom you believe may be interested.

    Kindest Regards,

    Eric S. Britten
    President, Science Consultants
    Phone: 520.404.8116
    Email: ESBritten@gmail.com
    Web: www.ScienceConsultants.org

    1. Poly-silicone
    2. Inorganic Solidification
    3. Inorganic Fiber (melting and fiberizing + eco-friendly binder formulation and spraying
    4. Façade (curtain wall)
    5. DCB Mass production technology (high-reliability DCB product development)
    6. MLC production process (shape forming + plating/brazing process)
    7. Extrusion Ceramic Manufacturing (material forming/sintering process)
    8. Float Glass (quality, glass melting/clarification)
    9. Fumed Silica (facility expansion/production)
    10. Powder coating (fusion bonded, Epoxy FBE powder)
    11. OEM (cost reduction and weatherability improvement)
    12. Refinish (basecoat design)
    13. Electro-deposition paint (Electro-deposition for auto body)
    14. PCM Paint (post-paint treatment)
    15. OEM (functional paint)
    16. Industrial coating (high-performance glass coating and mirror back paint)
    17. Polymer resin (resins for coating)
    18. Packaging materials (EMC epoxy molding compound)
    19. Solder Resist (solder resist ink and related dry film)
    20. Adhesive Materials (under-fill and liquid encapsulant)
    21. Display Materials (optical uv materials, pattern materials)
    22. Flooring Materials (PVC flooring)
    23. Reinforced Glass Fiber (production/quality)
    24. Flooring Materials for container (manufacturing process/Line Design)
    25. Silicone Polymer Resin (Polymer, Silane/Resin)
    26. HTV
    27. LSR (Airbag coating, copy machine LSR)
    28. RTV (thermal interface materials for LED Semiconductor)
    29. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives development

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