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Civil Engineering Jobs & Internships

One of the oldest forms of engineering and the backbone of our society is Civil Engineering or Construction / Structural Engineering. You design, construct and maintain bridges, roads or buildings and many more to make our life easier, faster and safer.
Are you looking for a challenging position in Civil engineering? Visit our Civil engineering pages here and you’ll find the job or internship you’re looking for.

Aerospace Engineering Jobs & Internships

Another direction out of the 18 showcased is the field of Aerospace. If you have a technical degree and are looking for an opportunity in Aerospace Science, Astrophysics, Aviation, Space Engineering, Space Technology, Planetary Science, Space Research, Rocket Science or related then you have found the best place to find the right job for you. Browse here for the latest jobs in Aerospace.

Web Development / Software Engineering Jobs & Internships

Software Engineering is just 1 of the 18 technical background that are showcased where specific jobs in for example web development all across Europe can be found with just 2 clicks. This can vary from App development, responsive website development or front-end and back-end jobs listed. You can conveniently search and apply to those matching your skillset and ambition.

Internships in Engineering, Software, Science & Technology

Our European platform allows you to search through the available internships at most leading companies all across Europe. You can select a country (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Austria, Switzerland or any of the other European countries), an education level (BSc, MSc or PhD) or specialism and search for a related internship or graduation assignment in these sectors matching your skills or future ambition.

    Odase Ontologies sprl

    Rue de la Caserne 45, Brussels, 1000 Belgium
    Phone: +32 2 522 06 63
    ODASE™ ontology offers a new way to build and run flexible, reliable and high-quality mission-critical enterprise software.

    Enterprise software is still largely being built empirically, essentially by writing code manually. But, as applications grow in complexity, software projects have become costlier, slower, and riddled with more bugs, increasing the gap between Business and IT.

    Nowadays, nobody builds bridges, cars, airplanes… empirically: thanks to science, they are modelled and computed before they are built, and robots are used to automate a large part of the construction.

    This is exactly what we do for enterprise software: We model the problem (describing in logic the business concepts, rules and processes), turn that model into a mainstream programming language automatically (e.g. in Java or C#), and have software engineers add the remaining code resulting in a running, scalable application which can target different architectures (e.g. SOA) and platforms (e.g. Linux, Windows, the “cloud”, etc).

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