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    Challenge yourself at ICT Group

    The automation of a complex process into a working system is one thing. But how do you create an ICT solution that delivers much more? How do you get more speed? More comfort? More sustainability? More profit? That’s the challenge and ICT Group loves a challenge.
    The more complex the project is, the more enthusiastic we get. And the more ambitious the goal, the more we push our boundaries. This is what drives us. And that is why we have been successful for almost 40 years in technological and industrial markets.

    With more than 1000 professionals we help companies, products and projects develop further with smart, innovative, integrated and most of all challenging ICT solutions.


    Transport & Logistics - Experienced professional

    Region: Barendrecht 
    What is the best invention since the wheel? We were suddenly able to do so much more, so much more quickly. Can we still surpass that? Well, not yet perhaps. But we can keep coming up with ideas to maximise use and benefit. The scale at which items are transported now will only increase in the future. To do this successfully, oversight, safety and clarity are therefore mandatory. How can we contribute to this? Software! This is very important. You, the software developer, are essential to this process. After all, you and your team are the ones that keep things running.

    The accompanying projects are something for which you and your code will be responsible. Examples include the Rotterdam harbours and the container transport there, mission-critical systems and other challenges. You will constantly have new challenges to face.

    There is nothing more annoying than departing from Rotterdam with a ship packed full of containers, only to realise later that you are missing one or two containers. These are expensive mistakes, which is why attention to detail and quality are priorities at Transport & Logistiek ICT, as is the automation of container terminals. For example, software that handles automatic loading and unloading of containers onto and from the ship. This process is increasingly performed automatically and you can play an important role here, for terminals in both Rotterdam and abroad.

    You'll be using state-of-the-art technology to accomplish this. For example, automatic container recognition using Vision and precise positioning systems for Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV). Planning, coordination and management of cranes, AGVs and other equipment are very important to allow a container terminal to function efficiently and will only become more relevant in the coming years.
    ICT has been involved in the development of this type of software for many years and has built up a lot of knowledge and experience in this field, which we're eager to look at with you and combine with your own software knowledge and experience.
    Your daily tasks include:

    • As a software engineer, you plan complex logistical software solutions.
    • You also maintain the engineered software solutions.
    • You draw up the user requirements together with the customer.
    • You plan the work activities and coordinate progress with the project manager.
    • You also act as a technical point of contact for customers and team members.
    • You work with our customers on site.
    What can we offer you?
    • Of course a monthly gross salary
    • A fixed 13th month
    • 29 vacation days
    • Depending on your situation we offer a company car of mobility compensation
    • A netto reimbursement fee of € 90,76 each month to pay for your small expenses
    • Pension fund
    • Training and development, keep your knowledge up to date within our ICT Academy
    • A bookbudget of  150,- per year to buy books or hard-and software for yourself


    If you meet the requirements below, we'd love to get in touch with you. 

    • Completed Bachelors or Masters degree in IT or a technical field.
    • At least 3 years of recent work experience with C# and MSSQL and preferably Azure as well.
    • Excellent knowledge of Dutch and English
    • Motivated, flexible, willing to travel and responsible
    • EU Citizen living in the Netherlands or willing to move to the Netherlands, we will help you with your relocation
    • In possession of a valid driving licence.
    Are you ready for this job and want to relocate to the Netherlands? Read below for more information about relocation to the Netherlands. 
    The job we offer is located, in the Weest of the Netherlands, We have an office in Barendrecht, which is close to the city Rotterdam and we work for multiple clients.

    With over 25 different nationalities working for us, we have a strong international environment within our company.
    As the job is in the Netherlands we invite you to consider moving to our beautiful country.
    We do realise that this is not just a simple question we ask you as it means, you having to leave your trusted environment. To support you in embracing this idea, we’d like to inform you on what to expect.

    Coming to the Netherlands means living in a small but densely populated country with cultural diversity, tolerance of differences and receptiveness of foreign influences. The Dutch are down to earth and we perceive consensus, equality, reliability, utility, creativity and a well-organized society as essential. The Netherlands is home to a wide variety of cultures, primarily in the larger cities and it is a safe country to live in.

    What can you expect? What matters most to us is for you (and your family) to feel at home when you come to work for ICT. 

    Therefore we’d like to help you with this big step. We assist you in the relocation process. We provide housing, support you with all the paperwork and have an advisor available to answer all your questions. You are not alone as we already have multiple colleagues from your country within our company. To support your integration in the Netherlands, we offer Dutch language courses and training on Dutch culture and society.

    We want you to be successful in your new job and feel right at home in your new country. We like to think that it’s our responsibility to support you the best way we can. So let’s work together on this! You are considering this challenge and would like to convince us? Send us your resume and motivation and we will get in touch with you.


    Do you want to use your knowledge of Microsoft in the field of technical automation as part of our Transport & Logistics  unit?
    Are you on the hunt for an environment where you can share your knowledge with colleagues and learn from them? Would you like to work for a Microsoft Gold Partner? If so, we have a fantastic opportunity for you.
    We are looking for new Microsoft colleagues with a passion for this technical unit.

    Please apply with your CV and cover letter by the 'apply' button below

    Remember - you found this opportunity on Qreer.com


    Education Backgrounds: Software Engineering
    Specialties: Application Development
    Computer Networks
    Research (R&D)
    Software Architecture
    Education Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors)
    Postgraduate (Masters)
    Experience: 2 - 5 years
    5 - 10 Years
    Languages spoken: Dutch
    Job Location: Barendrecht, Netherlands
    Keywords: Microsoft, C#, MSSQL, Azure, ICT, barendrecht, Netherlands, Software, SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, MICROSOFT, TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS


    ICT Group

    Barendrecht, Netherlands
    HR Department
    +31 (0)88 908 2000
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    Type: Job

    Deadline: 12th June 2018

    Job reference (ID): 13066

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