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    Referral candidates: Optical Engineers Job in Veldhoven, Netherlands

    ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment.

    Our vision is to enable affordable microelectronics that improve the quality of life. To achieve this, our mission is to invent, develop, manufacture and service advanced technology for high-tech lithography, metrology and software solutions for the semiconductor industry.

    ASML's guiding principle is continuing Moore's Law towards ever smaller, cheaper, more powerful and energy-efficient semiconductors. This results in increasingly powerful and capable electronics that enable the world to progress within a multitude of fields, including healthcare, technology, communications, energy, mobility, and entertainment.

    Working at ASML
    We provide the world’s top chipmakers everything they need to create better performing, cheaper semiconductor chips. Simply put: we are an industry leader supporting industry leaders.

    As such, you’ll be encouraged to bring your best ideas and act on them. You’ll have the freedom, trust, and support in your field to experiment and solve complex challenges. Things are rarely dull when you’re constantly breaking new ground.

    But despite our fast-paced environment at the forefront of tech, we take your work-life balance and wellbeing seriously. A business is only as good as its employees.

    So join us, and you’ll be a part of a global collaboration. One that promotes creativity, the inclusion of highly diverse teams, and an exciting and dynamic work environment. Join us, and you’ll be a part of progress.

    Referral candidates: Optical Engineers Job Description

    Please be aware that you can only apply for this position if you were referred by an ASML employee. We need your help to make ASML grow! ASML Optics provides unsurpassed optical manufacturing capacity with complete Design-to-Image services for your most demanding optical applications. From components to entire systems, ASML Optics can provide the solution as an extreme-precision optics supplier.Enjoy perfecting ultra-extreme-precision optics systems

    Why working in ASML optics is the ideal job for you:
    - Discover and invent
    - More than ray tracing
    - Extremely short wavelengthImagine perfecting an optical system where aberrations are kept to within one thousandth of the wavelength used.

    One where 200kg reflectors must be positioned to within an accuracy of less than one nanometer. And then repositioned every second to compensate for millikelvin fluctuations.Imagine using a sensitivity matrix with multiple thousands of elements to calculate how to reposition those mirrors. And imagine working with a highly motivated team, dedicated to perfecting this extreme-precision instrumentation and optical system.If you enjoy working at (and beyond) the edge of what is possible in optics, ASML is your ideal environment.

    Optics at ASML
    ASML is the world's leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. Our machines use Deep Utraviolet (DUV) and Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) light which have 193 and 13.5 nm wavelengths respectively. The necessary degree of control accuracy is so extreme and the instrumentation needed to enable that control is so complex, that ASML optics engineers need expertise in many other fields. Colleagues in physics, mechatronics, electronics, software, thermal engineering and dynamics all share their knowledge to help each other innovate.

    Discover and Invent
    The optics in an ASML lithography machine must be controlled extremely accurately – to within a nanometer, in fact. Hence, the projected beam will be affected by many different parameters. It will be your job to understand how vibration, temperature fluctuation, chemical contamination and more affect the projection of Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) and Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) light. And it will be your job to invent ways to prevent and/or compensate for those parameter changes.

    Hence you will develop a holistic knowledge of the entire machine – not just its optics. And since these machines are possibly the most complex ever imagined, this is a discovery opportunity like no other.More than ray tracingOptics engineering at ASML goes beyond the capabilities of ray tracing (a technique that mathematically identifies and reproduces the path of a light ray).

    At ASML, optics engineers use ZEMAX and MATLAB and manipulate sensitivity matrices with over 300 degrees of freedom. They stay involved in the implementation of the optical design in hardware and control algorithms, all the way up to the successful application in the system in a customer fab.

    Extremely short wavelengthEUV lithography uses a wavelength of just 13.5 nm, and this has its own exotic challenges such as researching how this light reacts to all the different materials in and around the optical path. In addition, because the wavelength is so short, all optical surfaces have to be 1-2 orders of magnitude more accurate than optics at more conventional wavelengths, in order to get the same level of imaging quality. On top of all that, EUV light has to travel in vacuum, as it would be absorbed by air or other gases.
    In our projection optics we have to be able to control and manipulate the wavefront of the EUV light in order to be able to nm-accurately project it on the right spot on the wafer.Personal skills 

    Referral candidates: Optical Engineers Job Requirements

    What are the requirements?
    We ​are looking for experience in the optical field. Please note that you will only be considered for this vacancy if you meet the following requirements.
    Fresh graduates:0 - 2 years of working experience.
    An educational background in Physics or Electronics, with shown affinity in optics.
    Shown experience in optical design or optical experimental set ups.
    Professionals: Work experience in Optical Engineering

    Referral candidates: Optical Engineers Application Information

    Please apply with your CV and cover letter by the 'apply' button below

    Remember - you found this opportunity on Qreer.com

    Referral candidates: Optical Engineers Summary

    Education Backgrounds: Electrical Engineering
    Specialties: Electronics / Components
    Semiconductor Physics
    Education Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors)
    Postgraduate (Masters)
    Doctorate (PH.D)
    Experience: 0 - 2 years
    Languages spoken: English
    Job Location: Veldhoven, Netherlands
    Keywords: Physics, Electronics, optics.



    Veldhoven, Netherlands
    Sanne Mengede
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    Type: Job

    Deadline: 28th February 2020

    Job reference (ID): 14992

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