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    Graduate Class of International System Install Engineers Job in Veldhoven, Netherlands

    ASML is an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry. We provide chipmakers with everything they need – hardware, software and services – to mass produce patterns on silicon through lithography.

    Graduate Class of International System Install Engineers Job Description

    Do you like to travel internationally and work at the frontiers of technology?
    And do want to work on hand-on challenges in a very demanding international environment?
    Join ASML and become part of group of young international System Install Engineers. In this role you build the machine from scratch as a very advanced LEGO sculpture at the customer site abroad, within specifications, on time, with quality exceeding the customers’ expectations.

    Job Mission
    ASML leads the worldwide development, production and sales of high-end lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. In short, we make the machines that make computer chips, or integrated circuits. We build some of the most amazing, complex machines that you will ever see – and the software to run them – to develop smaller, faster and still more affordable chips. It is because of our machines that the world’s technology has steadily evolved.
    It’s one thing to design a product – it’s another to build and mass produce it. Our factories are located all over the world, with our main TWINSCAN (DUV machine) and EUV factories in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Our Manufacturing and Planning (M&P) department assembles, builds and delivers all our systems from the prototype stage onwards. When the machine is finished in Veldhoven, they are shipped to the customer where the System Install team starts. In the role of System Install Engineer you supports the installation of completed systems at customer sites.

    Job Description
    As a System Install Engineer you will be working at the frontiers of technology. What does this mean? Working with accelerations greater than a fighter jet and machines that image billions of sub-microscopic structures, every few seconds. Not only the development of the machine is very important when it comes to the machines of ASML, maybe just as important is getting it safe and well at the customers and making it work.

    This graduate class of system install engineers will travel internationally for about 150 days per year.

    Within the System Install department there are different specializations that you could be hired for (please note that there is no job rotation):

    • The pre-install engineers: they make sure that within the factory of the customer everything is in place before the machine arrives, including facilitating the requirements. When the machine is ready to be shipped from Veldhoven, it will first be fully de-assembled, locked and shipped within 9 large flight units, over 65 medium boxed and with > 334 tools.
    • The mechanical install engineer: this team is onsite with the customer when the de-assembled machine arrives. Within approximately a time span of 3 weeks the machine will be assembled. Hands-on skills are highly preferred when it comes to new joiner engineers. The machine will be moved in, unpacked, unlocked and all modules mechanically installed, like the cabling, water, gas and vacuum parts. The system will be powered on and checked how water, gas and electrical works, to diagnose faults and solve system failures.
    • Then the last type of system install engineer will follow and begins the integration and qualification process. Main focus is calibrating and testing the system including system acceptance test, plus fault diagnose and solving system failures. This position requires a combination of analytical skills (computer testing) and hands-on skills (fixing the problem after being detected). When all tests prove the agreed performance, the install is done and the customer support team will take over for further maintenance of the machine at the customer.

    Summarized a System Install engineer could have the following tasks, depended what type of SIE engineer you become:
    • Mechanical installation, adjustment, commissioning of a complete machine;
    • Perform complex adjustments, perform upgrades, diagnose and solve problems with limited support;
    • Answer customer questions and assist customers in a professional manner;
    • Transfer knowledge to local install teams and first/ second line engineers;
    • Perform administrative duties including service orders, issue resolution tools, handovers, progress reporting, etc.;
    • Prepare written technical reports if required to do so;
    • Contribute in structural improvements for the System Install Engineering (SIE) department.

    Graduate Class of International System Install Engineers Job Requirements

    You have a Bachelor or Master degree in a technical related study.
    Preferably (but not exclusively) in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electronics, Physics, Mechatronics.

    Given the complexity of the ASML machines, we are looking for people who not only learned about engineering in theory but also did hands-on engineering (during their studies). You will be trained during your first year as system install engineer.

    Your experience (e.g. student projects, hobby, internship):

    • Hands-on experience in a technical environment, preferably related to production or customer service;
    • Affinity with assembling and troubleshooting;
    • Experience with or ability to work in an international organization (English spoken) and working with people of different cultures;
    • Dealing with customers and escalation management combined with progress reporting;
    • Working in cross sectional teams and being a real team player.

    Personal skills
    Working and performing well in a high demanding and technology chancing environment, surrounded by high tech machines and people with different specializations and cultural background, requires certain skills.

    To succeed in this role it is important you are:
    • Broad technically interested;
    • Good English communication skills with focus on understanding, supporting, and influencing others;
    • A committed team player with respect for other cultures;
    • Focused on safety first but with a ‘first time right’ mentality;
    • Passionate about hands-on engineering challenges;
    • Able to understand the details without losing track of the bigger picture (helicopter view);
    • Stress resistant and able to remain a structured way of working in a dynamic environment;
    • Excellent in stakeholder management;
    • Self-steering and self-learning.

    Context of the position
    • A highly competitive compensation and benefits package:
    • - Competitive salary
    • - 40 days paid leave: 27 vacation days and 13 ADV days (reduction of working hours)
    • - 13th month payment
    • - 8% holiday allowance
    • - Pension plan
    • Training sessions to develop yourself professionally
    • A safe environment to experiment with what you’ve learned

    Working in shifts at customer site:
    In this challenging position you will be expected to work with a team within the cleanroom at customer sites. You work for at least 50% abroad. Mainly in Asia or US. You will work in shifts of 12 hours 3 days in a row, after that you’ll have 3 days of and then again 3 days working in 12 hour shifts. Because you will be working at customer sites, you will highly depend on your team members. Your team members become practically your family, because of the long times away from home and spending your spare time with them between shifts. Wanting to be part of the team, being social and a team player also translates to time off work. Know that are ambassador for ASML during and outside of work. The team lead will consequently travel towards the different customer sites where Installs take place.
    When not working abroad, the engineer is expected to assist Factory operations with the assembly integration, qualification and prepack (=de-assembly + preparing for shipment) in Veldhoven fab.

    When applying we do look for commitment to remain within the install department for at least 3 years.

    Selection process
    1. After we received your resume and motivation letter. We will inform you in 14 working days if your resume has been selected for the first round of the selection process.
    2. The first round consists of an online pre-recorded interview. The candidates matching our selection criteria will be invited to answer to few pre-set questions via HireVue.
    3. Based on your input of the pre-recorded questions we decide if you will be invited for an interview carousel. You will have multiple interviews on the same date.
    4. You will be informed within a few working days after the interview carousel if you will receive a job offer. The starting date is flexible, but preferably no later than 2 months after the accepted the job offer.

    Graduate Class of International System Install Engineers Application Information

    Please apply with your CV and cover letter by the 'apply' button below

    Remember - you found this opportunity on Qreer.com

    Graduate Class of International System Install Engineers Summary

    Education Backgrounds: Mechanical Engineering
    Micro / Nano Technology
    Specialties: Commissioning
    Field Service
    Education Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors)
    Experience: 0 - 2 years
    2 - 5 years
    Languages spoken: English
    Job Location: Veldhoven, Netherlands

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    ASML Netherlands BV

    Veldhoven, Netherlands
    HR Department
    0031 40 268 3000
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    Type: Job

    Deadline: 20th June 2021

    Job reference (ID): 18981

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