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    Shell Graduate Programme 2022 (Technical) - Germany Job in Cologne, Wesseling, Hamburg, Germany

    Shell is a global energy company with more than 85,000 employees in 70 countries. The company’s main areas of activity are exploration and production of oil and gas as well as the manufacturing and marketing of oil products, petrochemicals and natural gas. The parent company of the Shell group is Royal Dutch Shell plc, with headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands. Shell’s aim is to help meet the world's growing demand for energy in a responsible way.

    Shell’s presence in Germany stretches back over a hundred years. Around 4,000 members of staff ensure that each day over a million motorists can fill up at Shell service stations in Germany, airlines are supplied with aviation fuel, shipping companies with marine lubricants, and industrial customers with petrochemicals or natural gas, for example. Shell is engaged in the production of oil and gas and operates several refineries for processing crude oil. Great emphasis is placed on innovation at Shell. The Shell Technology Centre in Hamburg is one of the leading Research & Development facilities within the international Shell group.

    Shell Graduate Programme 2022 (Technical) - Germany Job Description

    Job description
    Are you in the final year of your studies or graduated within the last three years?
    The Shell Graduate Program is designed to offer graduates training, opportunities and support you need to develop yourself. Therefore, we are looking for ambitious people who will thrive in a diverse and inclusive work environment to deliver exciting projects. People who are passionate about exploring new frontiers with the drive to help shape our future. Because remarkable people achieve remarkable things.

    Shell in Germany
    Shell is a global group of companies that offers solutions to keep people and goods mobile, allowing companies to operate their machines, and keep buildings and apartments warm and bright. The portfolio ranges from traditional fuels, lubricants and specialties to e-charging, hydrogen, biofuels, gas and renewable energies.
    In support of the Paris Agreement, Shell has set itself the global goal of becoming a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. Shell is investing billions of dollars worldwide in low-carbon energy, including charging stations for electric vehicles, hydrogen, renewable energy and biofuels.
    Shell has been operating in Germany since 1902. With its German headquarters in Hamburg, Shell Germany today employs more than 3000 people throughout the country in research and development, production and sales of energy solutions for private mobility and home energy, transport as well as energy and chemical products and lubricants for almost all industries.
    The company is gradually transforming its portfolio with a view to customer needs in order to advance the German energy transition with sustainable energy solutions.

    The Shell Graduate Programme: a world of opportunities
    Our Graduate Programme is a rigorous development framework of specific competences, business-critical capabilities, and critical experiences that will enable you to become a competitive professional by the end of your 3-year programme.
    Right from the start, you will be given a challenging hands-on role, working in a diverse, global environment. You will be supervised and mentored with frequent reviews as part of a structured development programme. You will also be learning alongside brilliant people from all over the world, with the resources and support to explore new ways of thinking and working – all in all, an unbeatable experience.
    We know that learning is key to developing yourself both personally and professionally. The graduate programme encompasses a learning framework that includes internal and external courses designed to help you gain the skills you need to succeed. During your first months, you will be invited to join Shell Life, a cross-business onboarding programme, providing an opportunity to create a peer network and interact with leaders from various parts of Shell. The 5-day long programme enables new graduates to make the transition from university to the working world, whilst developing an understanding of Shell's business and its role in society.

    Technical and Commercial opportunities:
    Based on your interests and skills, we will match you to a suitable and exciting starting position. An overview of available roles can be found on this page. You will not be required to apply for a specific Shell position. However, during the application process you will be asked for your preferred area of interest; you can also express your areas of interest in your cover letter. 

    Applicants should apply to only one position based on desired role and background:

    • Graduate Employment Opportunities 2022 (Commercial) – Germany or
    • Graduate Employment Opportunities 2022 (Technical) – Germany.

    Shell Graduate Programme 2022 (Technical) - Germany Job Requirements

    Who we’re looking for:
    We are looking for ambitious students to help us tackle the energy challenge.
    By the time you apply to this Graduate Programme, you must be pursuing or have completed a Master’s degree. There will be specific skill requirements for your chosen job area. For German based roles fluency in Germanand English language is needed.
    Above all else, you should enjoy being challenged, so that rather than being daunted or overwhelmed if a task seems impossible, you welcome the opportunity to be innovative. You also need to be good at absorbing information, analyzing problems, making objective decisions and coming up with original ideas. You should have the drive, confidence and resilience to get things done, the flexibility to work well as part of a team and the credibility to influence others.
    In other words, when applying for the Shell Graduate Programme you can expect a Competency-based assessment methodology. As part of our process to identify outstanding individuals, we focus the following leadership attributes:

    • Capacity: We’re looking for people with the intellectual, analytical, and creative ability to learn quickly, identify issues and propose innovative solutions.
    • Achievement: We are seeking driven high-achievers full of curiosity, self-confidence and organizational skills.
    • Relationship: We need strong communicators who work well within a team, respect others and encourage and support colleagues.
    Looking for preparation tips?
    We want you to be at your best when completing the assessments, so have put together some top tips and additional background information that may help you. Please visit our candidate resource centre and apply the tips we prepared specially for you. Please ensure that your CV is in English.

    Ready to apply?
    Start your application process to begin making an impact that matters and exploring a world of opportunities.
    Let’s deliver better energy solutions together!

    Shell Graduate Programme 2022 (Technical) - Germany Application Information

    Please apply with your CV and cover letter by the 'apply' button below

    Remember - you found this opportunity on Qreer.com

    Shell Graduate Programme 2022 (Technical) - Germany Summary

    Education Backgrounds: Chemical Engineering
    Industrial Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Specialties: Process Engineering
    Process Management
    Project Engineering
    Project Management
    Research (R&D)
    Education Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors)
    Postgraduate (Masters)
    Experience: 0 - 2 years
    Languages spoken: English
    Job Location: Cologne, Wesseling, Hamburg, Germany



    Various cities, Germany
    afdeling Recruitment
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    Type: Job

    Deadline: 30th September 2022

    Job reference (ID): 19237

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