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One of the oldest forms of engineering and the backbone of our society is Civil Engineering or Construction / Structural Engineering. You design, construct and maintain bridges, roads or buildings and many more to make our life easier, faster and safer.
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    Vanderlande Graduate Traineeship Job in Veghel, Netherlands

    A challenging role with Vanderlande will help you to develop your career and satisfy your ambitions. We are the global leaders for value-added logistic process automation at airports and in the parcel market, as well as a leading supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses. Our systems are operational at more than 600 airports – including 14 of the world’s top 20 – the world’s leading parcel companies, and 12 of Europe’s top 20 e-commerce companies.

    Established in 1949, Vanderlande employs more than 4,500 people in more than 100 countries, all committed to moving our customers’ businesses forward. Our unique capabilities include integrating hardware, software and services into tailor-made solutions. The result is a distinctive track record in innovation, reliability and partnership. Our global presence provides an unrivalled 100 site-based teams, who ensure that our customers enjoy an optimum level of performance, 24/7.

    Through building strong relationships – as well as enjoying our work and a more varied social life – the focus at Vanderlande is on the freedom to express ourselves while being trusted to deliver on every level. This is one of the key criteria on which Vanderlande has been assessed to become the number one Best Employer in The Netherlands for 2016.

    If you’re ambitious and would like your career path to lead you to the fast-moving world of Vanderlande, then please contact us to set these challenges in motion.

    Vanderlande – challenges in motion

    Vanderlande Graduate Traineeship Job Description

    The Vanderlande Graduate Traineeship is the ideal start to your career and an excellent way to get to know the company. It will also put you on the fast track to global opportunities. Over the course of two to three years, you will take on three interesting and prestigious positions within Vanderlande, each lasting approximately 6 to 18 months. Our experience indicates that this timeframe provides trainees with the optimal learning curve.  

    After this pressure cooker of accelerated learning and gaining valuable experience, you will take on the position of Project Leader or Project Manager. In these roles, you will lead complex projects in international multidisciplinary teams for key customers in the airport, warehousing and parcel markets.  

    In order to prepare for an all-round leadership role, you will be immersed in exciting and challenging trainee roles, for example in engineering, R&D (research and development) and life-cycle services. You will also spend a significant part of your traineeship participating in Vanderlande’s international and dynamic projects.  

    Your personal development plays a key role in the traineeship, and you will receive intensive personal and content-related training, both on and off the job. To ensure that you are fully supported, we’ll offer you a variety of comprehensive training courses in the fields of project- and cross-cultural management, leadership and communication.

    In addition, you will get the opportunity to learn and share experiences with fellow trainees, by means of peer group coaching.  During the traineeship, you can always count on the support of your talent development coach and assigned senior manager. This will help you to reach your full potential and set you on the path to achieving your long-term career goals. 

    Vanderlande Graduate Traineeship Job Requirements

    Selection profile 
    To be eligible, you must have obtained a relevant technical master’s degree within the last year, or will do so in the next few months. If you recognise yourself in the following profile, please prepare an extensive cover letter in which you detail how and why you meet the selection criteria. The ideal candidate will be:

    • a smart self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit
    • self-reflective and able to make conscious choices to stimulate personal development 
    • an empathetic team player with excellent communication skills 
    • driven to succeed, eager to improve every day and demonstrate a desire to be challenged.
    Alongside this, we are looking for individuals who are fluent in English, have an international mindset and are willing to travel, and/or stay abroad for lengthy periods of time.  

    Selection procedure
    Please upload your cover letter, a recent resume and the list of grades from your master’s degree before 5 May. We will evaluate all applications and let you know within two weeks after the registration deadline if you will be invited to our trainee recruitment day. Please note that the selection procedure comprises an assessment.  

    The trainee recruitment day is scheduled 6 June at Vanderlande in Veghel. You will be invited for several job interviews, a business case and a guided tour in our Innovation Center where you will see our installations up close and personal. Lunch will be provided, of course. On 7 June, we will inform you on the results of the trainee recruitment day - and hopefully welcome you as our new colleague. 

    The Vanderlande Graduate Traineeship kicks off in Veghel, Netherlands,  September 2017.
    Four positions are available. 

    Our Offer
    In the Vanderlande Graduate Traineeship you will have the chance to make a significant contribution to the growth and profitability of Vanderlande Industries.
    Our organisation has been named for several years in a row as ‘Top Employer’ and ‘Best Employer’. 
    We offer a full-time position in an informal and professional working environment with a lot of scope for personal development.

    As well as your fixed salary you will receive the following secondary benefits:
    • 27 days vacation & 13 ADV (working hours reduction) days
    • Flexible working hours
    • Training facilities
    • Laptop & telephone
    • Collective pension scheme and insurance facilities for healthcare, car, WGA (Return to Work Scheme for the Partially Disabled) etc.

    Vanderlande Graduate Traineeship Application Information

    Please apply with your CV and cover letter by the 'apply' button below

    Remember - you found this opportunity on Qreer.com

    If you have any questions, please contact Tjalling Kraak, Senior Recruiter - 0413 – 49 30 24.

    Vanderlande Graduate Traineeship Summary

    Education Backgrounds: Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Software Engineering
    Specialties: Other
    Process Management
    Project Engineering
    Project Management
    Research (R&D)
    Education Level: Postgraduate (Masters)
    Experience: 0 - 2 years
    Languages spoken: English
    Job Location: Veghel, Netherlands
    Keywords: technical, degree, graduate, traineeship



    Veghel, Netherlands
    Tjalling Kraak
    +31 413 49 49 49
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    Type: Job

    Deadline: 30th May 2017

    Job reference (ID): 11528

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