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    Consultant Post Harvest Technology Job in Wageningen, Netherlands

    Wageningen University & Research has once again been ranked the best university by the Dutch university information guide Keuzegids. Nearly all of Wageningen's Bachelor’s programmes received the 'Top Programme' designation, with a score of 76 or higher. Of particular note is the explicit mention of Wageningen's combination of outstanding education and excellent research.

    Consultant Post Harvest Technology Job Description

    International Consultant Postharvest Technology

    We are looking for
    We are looking for an enterprising, communicative expert. Someone who enjoys travelling and is able to translate research findings into practical advice and applications. Within the Postharvest Technology contract research group, you are responsible for picking up on the latest scientific developments and translating them into practical applications. You are in close contact with companies, advising them about long-term storage and postharvest treatment of perishable produce. You help them to improve the quality of fresh products, while minimising the risk of damage. You have good communication skills and inspire the confidence needed to build up long-term relationships with clients. Your experience and network enable you to support the acquisition team in their quest for new research assignments. You coordinate your recommendations with fellow-consultants, canvassers and researchers. Your knowledge of products is kept up-to-date by being actively involved in research projects. A substantial part of your job (10-40%) will involve travelling abroad. 
    Are you interested in innovation and practical solutions for fresh food chains? Do you want to work in an organisation where you have the opportunity to learn, develop and turn challenges into successes? If so, grab this opportunity to join our fast-growing team! 

    • A communicative graduate from a university of applied science or a practical academic (with a relevant degree, e.g. HTS (polytechnic), HAS, agricultural engineering, horticulture or similar). 
    • You have experience in, or a strong affinity with, consultancy. You are enterprising, take the initiative and focus on results. 
    • You already have knowledge of postharvest technology, cooling technology, CA storage and perishable produce, such as fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants, and are keen to develop your skills and knowledge of the field. 
    • You are interested in the latest scientific developments and able to translate them into practical applications. 
    • You know how to build up and maintain a network and customer base. 
    • You have good verbal and written skills in Dutch and English.

    We offer
    We offer an inspiring working environment with a mix of consultancy work and applied research. You will work autonomously and with colleagues from various disciplines. There is ample opportunity for initiative, creativity and personal development. Your duties are steered by customer requirements, so you see concrete results from your work. 
    We are offering employment for an average of 36 hours a week. The initial contract will be temporary, but it is our intention to convert this into a contract for an indefinite period. In addition to a competitive salary, we also offer good study and leave arrangements and a pension scheme with the ABP Pension Fund.
    Additional information
    For more information about this position, please contact: Janneke de Kramer, manager of the Postharvest Technology group, +31 (0)317 481164, or Frank van de Geijn, consultant Postharvest Technology, +31 (0)317 481318.
    For more information about the contractual aspects, please contact: Wilma Jansen, HRM department, tel. +31 (0)317 484923.
    Websites: www.wageningenur.nl/fbr and http://www.wageningenur.nl/nl/Expertises-Dienstverlening/Onderzoeksinstituten/food-biobased-research/Onderzoeksprogrammas/Duurzame-voedselketens/Naoogsttechnologie.htm

    You can apply online via the 'Apply' button until 30 May 2017

    We are
    Wageningen Food & Biobased Research develops insights and technologies that support industries, governments, and research institutes to create innovative solutions for a healthier, more sustainable, and prosperous world. Together with our clients we develop healthy and tasty food, truly-sustainable food chains, and chemicals and materials that use biomass instead of fossil resources. Our in-depth knowledge of the entire chain, from raw materials through processing to end product, drives our approach.
    We make smart connections between various disciplines to explore complex issues from different perspectives. Through a combination of intelligent analyses and pragmatic invention, we find solutions for these issues. Grounded in science and business, our researchers bring a no-nonsense attitude to their work. We investigate and develop at all stages: upscaling from lab to pilot and from initial idea to production processes that deliver real products for our customers. We have direct access to the latest scientific findings and have a firm grasp of what modern technology offers. Every day, we work with national and global companies, governments and other research institutes to create innovative solutions; now and in the future. 

    Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is one of the Contract Research Organizations of Wageningen University & Research, with the aim to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life. With approximately 30 locations, 5,000 members of staff and 10,000 students, Wageningen University & Research is a world leader in its domain. An integral way of working, and cooperation between the exact sciences and the technological and social disciplines are key to its approach.

    Could you be one of these people? We give you the space you need.

    For further information about working at Wageningen UR, take a look at http://www.wur.nl/en/Jobs.htm 

    Acquisition regarding this vacancy is not appreciated.

    Consultant Post Harvest Technology Application Information

    Please apply with your CV and cover letter by the 'apply' button below

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    Consultant Post Harvest Technology Summary

    Education Backgrounds: Agricultural Engineering
    Specialties: Consultancy
    Food Engineering
    Education Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors)
    Postgraduate (Masters)
    Experience: 10 - 15 years
    2 - 5 years
    5 - 10 Years
    Languages spoken: Dutch
    Job Location: Wageningen, Netherlands


    Wageningen University and Research

    Wageningen, Netherlands
    Janneke de Kramer
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    Type: Job

    Deadline: 16th July 2017

    Job reference (ID): 11797

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